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I hated this strap when I first saw it, until I picked one up. That was just the beginning..

Do you like your Apple Watch?

Are you looking for a new, comfortable and eye catching strap?

Would you like to know more? Then read on.

By Nathan

Fuss Pot

I’m really fussy with watch straps. They need to be tough, comfortable and stylish.

So, our supplier loved this strap and he knows I love my Watch. He said I should try one out. I wasn't so sure, though he insisted. So I picked up a couple for my wife and I. 

We both have a Watch 5, I picked up a black 40mm and a silver 44mm band.

I’m a big guy with a fat wrist, the 44mm silver band was for me.  

And my wife has a small wrist, so the 40mm was for her.

This was earlier in the year and the straps took ages to arrive. Due to the pandemic of course.

I Was Shocked

After work one Friday, I checked my mail and they’d finally arrived. I rushed back to my apartment with the package.

I tore it open, I was shocked. Here were a couple of quality stainless mesh steel straps. The colors identical to the pictures online.

I removed the strap from my Watch and put this new one on with ease. No need to adjust the size of the band. Just clip the magnetic clasp down. It was so easy and wearable right away.

My eyes lit up, I couldn’t believe how comfortable it felt.

It felt light and secure. 

I was so happy.

My Friend

I had to wear my new Watch strap out. The next day, I made plans to meet up with a friend for lunch.

We sat down for lunch. My friend asked me where I got my Watch strap from.

It caught his eye. I took it off so he could have a look and try it out.

He’s not into Apple Watches but he loved the strap, he said it was more comfortable than it looked.

I wore my Watch that whole afternoon. Because I had to make sure of something.

I had to make sure that this thing didn’t come off. The magnet had to be strong.

My Watch is my pride and joy. I didn’t want my new strap to come undone. My Watch might get scratched or broken.

It also had to be breathable, I didn’t want it to make me sweat or irritate my skin.

I was not disappointed. The magnet was strong and didn’t come off once. The mesh steel was breathable and didn’t irritate my skin.   

What Did My Wife Think?

She says stainless steel isn’t her favorite. I like it way more than she does. I love stainless steel bands.

In today’s world, stainless steel is a must. It’s clean and easy to wash. And it feels light on my wrist for a metal strap.

I need a subtle strap to match my work attire. I am a professional so a silver stainless steel strap is a must.

It didn't even catch my work shirt's sleeve, awesome.

At work on Monday, my boss was impressed. He was sure I’d picked up a new Watch. Inspire Loop had transformed my Watch more than I thought.

My Favorite!

Has to be silver. Especially for social events or running. The magnetic clasp is easy to take on and off.

The Verdict?

I’m so impressed, I’m confident you’ll love this strap as much as I do.

And if you don’t, return it within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Inspire Loop is for the newest Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 only.

Why pay $79 or more for a strap when you don't have to. It's a no brainer.

We don’t have many of these straps left. So if you’d like one, now is the time.

Join a growing number of us upgrading the best Watch money can buy. Pick up a Inspire Loop by clicking the Add To Cart button above.

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